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Logistics 101

Look around. Virtually everything you use, wear, and eat has made its way to you thanks to the transportation industry - and specifically, freight transportation. 
There are very few industries that TQL doesn't serve. From fresh produce and frozen pizzas to concrete and steel, we help keep the economy moving.


TQL is one of the most reputable and trusted brokers of freight services in the nation. Arranging freight transportation is a nonstop job. Freight is constantly moving and we have to find quality carriers and equipment for thousands of loads a week, negotiate rates, and satisfy our customers' delivery needs.

Our Clients

We work with thousands of customers and more than 75,000 carriers across North America to move more than 1.6 million loads a year. We move approximately 3,500 different types of commodities including fresh fruits and vegetables, packaged foods and beverages, meat and poultry, machinery and equipment.

Logistics is the process through which nearly everything we consume or use is moved and distributed. At every point in the logistics cycle, goods must be transported to and from the warehouse, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer involved in bringing that product to market. There are a variety of modes of transportation available in logistics: sea, air, land, rail, and truck. Freight transportation is TQL’s specialty.
Businesses today have to be lean and focused on their core strengths. Transportation of their products is not a focus area for most businesses.So they outsource this job to the professionals - to TQL, also known in the industry as a third-party logistics provider or 3PL.
As a non-asset based 3PL (meaning we don’t own any trucks), our job is to connect shippers that have freight to be moved with carriers that can help move it. Our logistics account executives have the responsibility of handling their customers’ transportation requirements from start to finish – they identify appropriate carriers for their customers’ loads, negotiate rates between their customers and the carriers, and monitor the safe, on-time delivery of their goods. It’s a fast-paced, time-sensitive, constantly changing industry, and we have the best people and the best technology in the industry to deliver on our promises.
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