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Data Privacy Rights

Your jurisdiction may generally provide individuals with certain rights relative to their personal information. Subject to applicable law and depending upon your jurisdiction, you may have the right to request access to and receive details about the personal information we maintain about you, update and correct inaccuracies in your personal information, and/or have the personal information deleted, as appropriate. These rights may be limited in some circumstances by local law. You may request to exercise any such applicable right(s) to your personal information by emailing, by calling toll free 1-800-820-2770 or by completing the form below. Please be aware that such rights may not apply to each or all instances of Total Quality Logistics’ and its affiliates' (“TQL”) collection, storage or use of personal information and may not apply to you depending upon your jurisdiction and applicable law. TQL reserves its right to deny any such request with or without a direct confirmation to you, as permitted by applicable law. Please review the Privacy and Cookies Policy for more information.

Data Privacy Request Form


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By submitting this request, I am confirming the following:

(1) Accuracy: the information I have provided is true and accurate; (2) Privacy: that I understand the information will be handled by TQL in accordance with its Privacy and Cookies Policy; (3) Contact: that TQL has the right to contact me to verify my identity and to process this request.