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Data Integration & Visibility

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The logistics industry can be full of complicated processes.

Working with TQL means you’ll be working with a dedicated IT team that’s familiar with EDI, API and TMS integration – making the set-up process as short and effortless as possible so you can quickly take advantage of more streamlined processes.

Along with TMS integration, TQL also offers a proprietary freight tracking platform and is currently integrated with the top supply chain visibility platforms.



We understand the need for frequent, accurate location updates on every shipment. In addition to live daily check calls, we offer tracking services that utilize:

Tracking through GPS.

Covert tracking devices.

Status and location updates through API integrations.

Driver-submitted updates via our mobile app.


As an industry-leading logistics provider, we have experience establishing technology integration and visibility for a variety of customers.

Custom Integrations
Custom Integrations

based on your specifications and your platform.

EDI Integrated
EDI Integrated

to 50+ of the industry-leading TMS platforms.

Working With The Top
Working With The Top

third-party supply chain visibility providers to deliver load tracking in a platform you prefer.


By integrating with your systems, TQL can help you make secure and efficient exchanges of information. Customized per your standards, our technology becomes your competitive advantage.

  • Streamline load tendering and invoicing without the need for manual processes.
  • Offer ad-hoc customized reports using data shared and stored within our database.

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