Moving Loads That Matter

As the threat of COVID-19 continues to impact our country and the world, at TQL we are laser-focused on keeping the supply chain moving to help sustain America’s economy. Ensuring the delivery of critical medical equipment and consumer goods is now more important than ever.

At the same time, we know the communities in which we live and work are experiencing struggles never before faced. So we’re very proud to play a part in helping these communities combat the challenges of COVID-19 through our Moves that Matters program, which uses what we do best to help those most in need. We cover the cost to move products donated by a customer to benefit nonprofit or community organizations. Recent loads moved include: 

  1. Partnering with a customer to help move thousands of donated surgical masks to medical facilities in support of healthcare professionals working around the clock treating patients
  2. Partnering with a customer to help move two FTL loads of fresh produce donated to a foodbank in support of those in need of food during this challenging time
  3. Also, partnering with a customer to help move 19 pallets of water donated to a foodbank for those in need

These are the kinds of loads that remind us what we move together can honor, change or even save a life. Founded in 2014, the Moves the Matters program has donated shipments of water for hurricane relief, pet supplies to animal hospitals, wreaths to families of fallen soldiers and much more.

Our job 24/7/365 is to help keep the economy stimulated by facilitating shipments so products can get to store shelves, in consumers’ homes and in the right hands to soon beat the threat of the novel coronavirus. If you have a load that could qualify for support, apply for assistance here.


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