VETS stories of success: Tina

Veteran Employees Targeting Success (VETS), one of TQL's Employee Resource Groups, attracts and develops military, veteran, military family, and supporter talent.

The VETS Spotlight features military members who have served our country. Meet Tina, a Travel Coordinator and Army veteran.

What motivated you to enlist?

My family has a history in the military. My grandpa and dad served and my daughter currently serves.  I enlisted to receive the educational benefits. I achieved my undergraduate degree and transferred my remaining GI Bill money to my daughter to put toward her college tuition. I also wanted to learn a skill that may benefit me in the civilian world.

Share the story of how you became successful at TQL.

The Army trained us to be a "no limit" soldier, which means to work hard and excel at any mission. The culture at TQL is very similar to the military. We work hard to achieve big goals set by our leadership. 

What are the benefits of having your military experience at TQL?

The military helps you to adapt to changes. The best plans can be changed at a moment's notice and if you cannot adapt, you could struggle to succeed with the endurance and mentality needed at TQL.  When changes happen, I've learned to not take them personally and maintain a positive outlook.

What motivates/inspires you?

Great leadership motivates me. If my leader is positive, works hard and sets a great example, it provides me with the correct motivation to achieve goals for our company.

Having served, what do you appreciate most about our military?

The military takes care of each other. We join for our country but serve for one another. There are so many veterans still serving after they complete their time in the military. They serve as volunteers for veteran organizations to ensure our future leaders understand the importance of our freedom.

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