Employee Culture and Morale Tips


Here are some of the actions we've taken and what we've learned the past few weeks to keep our team's spirits high, morale strong and company culture intact. 

  • Play trivia from anywhere: Host a trivia night for employees, friends and family using CrowdPurr. Award prizes or bragging rights to winners. We encourage teams/friends to gather in an online video conference while they are logged into CrowdPurr to enter their answers. We award prizes and announce the winners to the company the next day.
  • Did someone say Bingo? Play a friendly (or competitive) game of bingo with coworkers, friends and family using My Free Bingo Cards. Our teams have used this as a fundraiser to help foodbanks during COVID-19 and awarded prizes for the first three bingos. We gather on online video conference, where our bingo host calls out the number and the rest of us can see and hear each other while playing along.
  • Connect with cards: Use Postables to send cards to friends and family you can’t physically see right now. We created quarantine-themed cards and uploaded them. You can see samples here. You can also send a card on us to a healthcare worker by clicking here.
  • Missing sports? So are we. Create a sports movie bracket or any other kind of bracket by using Run Your Pool. We used sports movies as a bracket for a ‘March Sadness’ theme that our teams loved. You can find a copy of that here.
  • Music is a must: Create a public “Quarantunes” playlist on Spotify to have your teams listen to while working remotely. Or listen to TQL’s playlist here.
  • Who says you can’t have happy hour?  Online video conference is a great opportunity for groups to gather for more than just meetings. Host a virtual happy hour (we do every Friday to celebrate the week) or theme a meeting with apparel from your favorite sports team or binge-worthy TV show. Get the group involved by asking one question everyone must answer such as what’s your go-to cocktail or your best work-from-home tip?
  • Custom drive-thru: Going through a drive-thru or picking up dinner is a great way to safely get out of the house. Host a “drive-thru” at work where employees and their families can pick up food kits to take home and make. Partner with a local restaurant or bakery and it’s a win-win for your employees and the community. For Easter, we created a drive-thru in our parking lot at HQ where families could wave to a juggler on stilts, the Easter Bunny and safely retrieve cookie making kits from a drive-up table managed by two members of our executive team. Next up, pizza kits.
  • Get Moving: Create an activity challenge using StepBet (best experience using Chrome) to get the team up and moving. Compete for a piece of the pot, bragging rights and better health. We subsidize the pot to make the buy-in less for our employees (typical cost is $20+ to participate) and play games and ask questions within the app weekly to keep participants engaged. Some of our favorites are what’s your go-to exercise song or how do you get your steps in?
  • Have any questions? Email Culture@tql.com or call us at 513-495-6100. Culture is core to our business and we’re sure it is for yours, too. If you need any assistance or have questions, we would be more than happy to walk you through some of our TQL engagement efforts. We are all in this together.

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