TQL Indy Takes Pushup Title

Bracket for pushups

They said they didn’t believe the hype. Now we know why.

TQL Indianapolis dropped back-to-back tournament bests on the field to win the satellite office pushup challenge. They beat Richmond 115-100 in the semifinals and took out Team Tampa 124-115 in the finals.

(Happily tooting our own horn, this blog predicted the Tampa-Indy final after the the first round of competition.)

“We got in their heads early calling out their form and then we played their game,” said Indy GSM Kenny S. of his Tampa rivals. “They can say what they want, but the title is right here where it belongs in Indianapolis.”

Thanks in large part to LAE Zach H., who joined the company in March of 2014 after graduating from IUPUI with a degree in sports management. He previously worked as a clubhouse attendant for the AAA Indianapolis Indians and sold women’s shoes at Nordstrom.

Team Tampa found the shoe on the other foot, calling Zach’s form into question in the final round. Tampa petitioned for a popular vote to determine the winner, but when the scoreboard rule stood, competitor Devin D. offered sportsmanship.

“A little questionable, but tell the kid I said good job none the less,” he said. “Thanks for the support and I look forward to the next competition.”

Zach, for his part, is basking in the glory of his new title of pushup king of TQL.

“I probably hadn’t done a pushup since high school before this competition,” Zach said. “I try to get to the gym and stay in some kind of shape, but I’m not insane about it. It’s pretty awesome. My IM is blowing up and people have been really excited.”

The end of the tourney hardly means the end of pushup mania at TQL. Fundraising for the Pushups For Charity initiative benefitting the Boot Campaign continues through Sept. 3. And a really big payday is on the horizon if TQL pulls off a Guinness World Record (Click here for more information on that.)

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