TQL Appreciates Drivers For A Number Of Reasons

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Happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Total Quality Logistics appreciates the 55,000-plus carriers it works with all over North America for any number of reasons.

Here are just a few.

In 2015, TQL drivers logged 959,312,622 loaded miles while carrying 1,169,403 loads. That’s just shy of a billion miles and the equivalent of driving 38,525 laps around the earth at the equator.

We appreciate our drivers to the moon and back. Which – with an average distance of 238,855 miles between the earth and moon – our drivers could have traveled 2,008 times last year.

In terms of time, at an average speed of 60 m.p.h., TQL drivers put in a combined 15,988,543 hours on the road in 2015. Run consecutively, that’s 1,825 years’ worth of driving.

Our carriers are essential to fulfilling our customers’ needs. So it’s no surprise our appreciation for drivers shows up in some of our own numbers.

TQL has a carrier services department of 163 full-time and five part-time employees dedicated to maintaining strong working relationships with our carriers.

They’ve developed a six-point set of carrier ethics standards, including respect, language, loyalty, decision making, making it right and honest selling.

With those six standards in mind, the carrier relations team within the carrier services department fielded 1,731 carrier-related issues. And resolved them all.

100 percent.

Because we’re 100 percent all in with the carriers and drivers who go all out for us.

No matter where, no matter when, TQL appreciates all the carriers and drivers who make this company run.

Get set up to be part of something big with TQL right here.

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