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Here are some of the actions we've taken and what we've learned the past few weeks to be sure we're ready to assist you with all of your transportation needs: 


  • Set them up for success: As an essential business, we remain open with employees in all 57 locations having the option to work from home. To ensure outstanding service for our customers and carriers, we instituted a process to send them home with enterprise-level computer and phone equipment and invested in the servers and upgrades to keep thousands of employees connected and fully operational. 
  • Show them how it's done: When we transitioned to a remote workforce, our IT teams quickly produced impromptu iPhone videos to help employees set up their equipment at home. 
  • Easy checklists: Because missing one step can make all the difference, we also provided employees a checklist with step-by-step instructions of how to get set up at home. 
  • Keep them informed: We provide important updates to employees through a dedicated "COVID-19" page on our intranet, with information on working the most effectively from home, news of the virus in their state, and other information relevant to their work. 
  • Keep them safe: In addition to the CDC safety and sanitary guidelines practiced in every office, we also provide employees access to a Tele-Doc service, and to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that allows for counseling sessions and mental health services. We also provide updates on employee health and any relevant COVID-19 information in a daily email from our CEO, Ken Oaks. 


  • Proactive carrier alerts: We provide enhanced shipper requirements to our carriers in the rate confirmation of every load through a COVID-19 advisory that also informs of any unexpected delivery changes.
  • Updated state status: We created and manage a live page of states and cities that have closed non-essential businesses for our team, to provide carriers guidance on impacted deliveries and provide solutions for our customers needing contingency plans.
  • Assisting ill drivers: If a driver becomes ill while on the road, our Distressed Loads Assistance (DLA) team assists our Logistics Account Executives in any over-the-road issues, ensuring driver safety and alternative delivery solutions for the load.
  • Expert teams on standby: For all the challenges now facing our supply chain, every Logistics Account Executive has access to our enhanced solutions teams known as Cargo Risk Management, Specialized Services, Distressed Load Assistance and Carrier Relations to help manage the more complicated transport and delivery needs

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