Bashing Breast Cancer Event A Smashing Success

Person smashing car windshield with baseball bat

The car was a total loss, but the smashup was a success. 

The first-ever Bashing Breast Cancer event at TQL allowed employees to work off excess energy, vent frustrations or simply show their strength while reducing a previously intact automobile to something worthy of a demolition derby.

Employees at TQL's Cincinnati headquarters office paid to smash away at the Mercury Mystique (donated by Junk My Car in St. Bernard) with implements of destruction ranging from a standard claw hammer to a Louisville Slugger, from an iron crowbar to an eight-pound sledge.

Most participants walked away breathing a little bit heavy and smiling as they said, “Wow, that felt really, really good.”

The Oct. 22 and 23 lunch-hour event at Ivy Pointe raised more than $400 for the American Cancer Society as part of TQL’s month-long Pinktober celebration in the fight against breast cancer.

Visit the Life at TQL Facebook page for a photo gallery.

Pinktober continues this week with the final run-up to the Great Shave on Oct. 29.

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