TQL Guardsman Gets Governor's Coin

Man holding Governor's Coin at desk

Nice to hold the trump card. Or coin, in this case.

Florida’s Rick Scott presented TQL logistics account executive Trace A. with a Governor’s challenge coin on his recent visit to celebrate the expansion of the Fort Lauderdale office.

With it, Trace may never have to buy another drink for his National Guard buddies. In fact, they’re going to be buying rounds for him if they issue a challenge.

The challenge coin is a military tradition. High-ranking officers have their own coins and bestow them on lower-ranking service members. All service people are expected to carry their coins and can – at any time – issue a challenge to see who has the highest-ranking coin.

Everyone challenged must produce their coin. Anyone without their coin must buy a round for the group and everyone in the group must buy a drink for the person with the highest-ranking coin.

“This is definitely going to trump all of them,” Trace said. “The highest possible coin I can produce during a coin check would be the Governor’s coin since he is effectively our Commander-in-Chief when we are acting in a state mission.”
Trace began serving in the Army National Guard in 2009 during his senior year of college at Miami University. The Bronxville, N.Y., native is now an infantry officer and platoon leader for the Florida Army National Guard 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat. His outfit expects to deploy to Djibouti, Africa, in February of 2016.
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