Greenlight A Vet - Matthew's Story

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Matthew B. was raised in small-town Ohio northwest of Dayton, but grew up in the military.

Matthew served in the United States Marines Corps from 2002 to 2006, leaving for boot camp at Parris Island on his 18th birthday. He did three tours in Iraq as a rifleman in the infantry and spent some of his active duty stationed in Japan.

He came home, earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wright State University and went to work at Total Quality Logistics Dayton 2011. He has since earned a master’s in social and applied economics.

“There’s enormous vertical growth opportunity here,” Matthew said of the TQL team. “You can be as successful as you want to be and are willing to work to be.”

“There’s a lot of structure,” he said. “There are many layers of leadership and also the expectations are high. They – the Marines and the company – want people who will do the best job.”

Matthew finds TQL’s appreciation for veterans refreshing.

“Any person will go up and shake a veteran’s hand, but it takes something different to offer them a job,” he said. “At the height of the recession in 2011, the national unemployment average was 9.8 percent, but veteran unemployment was more than double that at 20 percent.

“TQL was the 70th company where I applied, but only one of two where I got an interview and the only place I got a job offer. I had a bachelor’s degree, I had military experience, but I couldn’t get hired. TQL took a chance on me and they do that for a lot of vets.”

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