Greenlight A Vet - Cory's Story

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Cory D. – a native of Seymour, Indiana – joined Total Quality Logistics Louisville in October of 2013 after serving as a United States Marine from 2005 to 2009.

He was at MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina preparing for deployment to Afghanistan before severely breaking his leg in a car accident.

“I guess it’s good that it happened in one way, but I really wanted to go,” Cory said. “I was ready. But I had a lot of metal in the leg and I couldn’t. I was able to serve out my time honorably and get ready for civilian life.”

That meant some time in logistics with other companies, before a freight broker friend encouraged him to try TQL. Cory quickly discovered similarities with the Marines.

“Both are working with the absolute best in the world at what we do,” he said. “The U.S. Marine Corps and rest of the military are the best. Same thing with TQL. I do enjoy that comparison and sometimes overlook it because I'm used to it.

“Part of that is the competitiveness. It takes a different kind of person to want to work as hard as we do.”

But the competition fosters brotherhood.

“I look out for all my guys,” Cory said. “I want them to succeed, to do well. We all do better when everybody does well. I want to be a good example, to have some of the younger people looking up to me.”

Cory will have that opportunity as he prepares to lead one of TQL’s newest offices, slated to open in January 2016.

“A lot of what I had done before was just a job; this is an actual career,” Cory said. “A lot of my friends after the weekend are like ‘Oh man, Monday’s coming.’ And I’m like no way. I’m ready to get to work.”

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