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Woman on stage with 70s inspired outfit

When visiting a culinary arts festival, laying off the tasty jams might be difficult.

Yet no need to resist the ones served up by Gee Your Band Smells Terrific. In fact, putting on some boogie shoes and getting down burned a lot of excess calories consumed during the 2015 edition of Taste of Cincinnati, where GYBST played on the Fountain Square main stage.

That’s one way Nipsey Russell looked at it.

No. Not that guy. Because - with apologies to Chevy Chase and Garrett Morris - that particular 1970s icon is still dead. No, this Nipsey is the stage name for lead singer Beth T., an LAET from the Cincy West office.

Like her stage-name namesake, both were educated at the University of Cincinnati. While he only spent a semester at UC before entering the Army and WWII, she graduated with a degree in musical theater from the prestigious College Conservatory of Music.

Beth performed in New York, Boston and at regional theaters around the country. She appears on the original cast recording of “Children of Eden” with performers like Stephanie Mills and Adrian Zmed, and has sung with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

She started her own company - Hipsy Headbands – and her products are available in every Kroger store in the country.

Beth came to TQL in December of 2014 after getting married and wanting to work closer to home.

“So much of the job is being told no,” she said. “I’m used to that as a performer. I don’t take it personally. I’m not afraid to hit dial on the phone. I find it easy to talk to people.”

Check out Beth and her band at Rick’s Tavern in Fairfield May 29 or at Grandview Tavern and Grille in Fort Mitchell May 30.

And – no matter what your education or background - check out the entry level sales opportunities TQL has to offer in Cincinnati here.

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