Teams raise record-setting $15,885 during American Heart Month  

TQL team members showed they were all heart by promoting the American Heart Association’s (AHA) American Heart Month in February and raising a record-setting $15,885 donation including the TQL match.

TQL is a longtime partner of the AHA, a nonprofit organization that works to prevent, treat and defeat heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular illnesses. Heart Month spotlights heart disease, the top killer of Americans, by encouraging exercise, healthy eating, regular check-ups and weight maintenance while avoiding smoking and vaping.

TQL Cares and charity captains organized multiple heart health activities during the AHA campaign, starting with a Gym Challenge at HQ. TQL’ers that worked out in the HQ gym in February were encouraged to place a red heart-shaped sticker on a wall banner after exercising. Each sticker garnered a $1 donation to the AHA and was part of the $15,885 donation.

TQL teams were invited to participate in a Heart Healthy Potluck and National Wear Red Day on Feb. 14. TQL’ers brought heart healthy dishes to share with their teams, from fresh fruit and vegetables to guacamole and hummus, and wore red attire.

The marquee event was the Sixth Annual Heart Month Trivia Night. The Feb. 27 contest, held live at HQ and streamed to satellite offices, drew over 800 TQL’ers on 215 teams and featured a Hot Sauce Challenge. Food for each round had increasing levels of heat, a reminder that spicy food can help prevent heart disease.

TQL Milwaukee’s Giddy Up Gals (Blake B., Kristy H., David W. and Katie K.) won the trivia contest. TQL Ft. Lauderdale’s Beach Bums (Brahim F., Trevin H., Joel S. and Ethan S.) placed second, while HQ Leadership’s Meow Mix (Eric O., Todd S., David M. and Jesse J.) finished third.

Throughout February, TQL’ers raised money for an impactful cause, learned about making smart lifestyle decisions for their cardiovascular health and had fun along the way.

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