Together We Can Accomplish Anything

Pictures of Runners And  A Photo of Metals

In a lot of ways TQL and the Ragnar relay were made for each other.  Both have people passionate about getting from point A to point B.  Both require a well-synchronized and efficient team.  Both run day and night and – most importantly – both always finish strong.  
As we first told you here, a dozen members of TQL’s Chicago and Milwaukee offices ran the approximately 200-mile Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay for the first time June 9-10.  Not for the faint of heart, the Ragnar is known for testing the endurance and limits of runners over the span of two days and one night. 

Each member of a relay team runs three of 36 course segments, which adds up to 15-20 miles per runner.  Participants are taken from the finish of one leg to the start of the next in one of two support vans and sleep in designated communal areas or in their van.
"It doesn't sound grueling," said district manager Bryan H. "But it is. It was very mentally and physically challenging. Taking a nap on a patch of grass outside of a YMCA in Racine, WI isn't all it's cracked up to be."
Teammate Sophia D. agrees. “Running in general is SO much more about the journey than the finish line,” she said. “And mental toughness is so much more difficult than physical ability.”
In the end, the team finished with an official time of 29:20:05, and they are already talking about how to beat their time next year. 

"Ragnar is all about teamwork, conquering goals and coming together to accomplish something we could never do alone," said Bryan. "Now that we have one under our belt, we will come back next year and crush it."
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