Homeless No More; TQL Opens Its Heart And Homes To Shelter Animals

Woman holding puppy with blue TQL bandanna

International Homeless Animals Day was introduced around the world to help raise awareness about animal overpopulation and to bring about new ideas and campaigns to form a solution.

TQL and the League of Animal Welfare partnered this year for an event at the company's Cincinnati headquarters that was an overwhelming success. The League brought in about a dozen homeless animals and toured floor to floor.

“This was an amazing day,” said Rhonda Kidd, operations manager for the League. “We didn’t even bring adoption paperwork because we thought we’d just be showing the animals and sharing some information. But you didn’t hesitate.”

A lack of paperwork didn’t prevent employees from making arrangements to adopt four dogs and three cats, as well as donating $505 dollars to the 66-year-old no-kill shelter in a two-hour span.

“We’re glad we were able to find forever homes for some of the animals,” Kidd said. “And more people said they would come to see us.”

No surprise. TQL’s employee engagement team had several requests for additional animal visits. Camels on hump day, petting zoos at the summer picnic and – most recently – a kangaroo visiting for Hoppy Thursday led to the League appearance.

“We just try to listen and give people things they’ll find enjoyable during the day,” said Katie S, who arranged the League visit. “I think this was a hit. Our people have big hearts.”

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