TQL; Doing The Right Thing, Every Day

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Total Quality Logistics was founded on doing the right thing.

During a Monday night celebration at TQL’s Cincy East location, employees showed how that mantra extends beyond the workplace.  

Team members gathered to celebrate the completion of their March Madness competition and numerous prizes were given away. Among them, four half-day-off work passes, a $200 Jeff Ruby's gift card, and the grand prize, a 55-inch Samsung TV."  

James H. won. And then, as sales trainer Shake S. explained, "he immediately gave it away to a team member who recently lost everything in a home fire.”

“I didn’t want this to be some big thing or have a big deal made out of it,” James said. “It was just the right thing to do.”  

James explained his entire team recently held a benefit for this coworker. He couldn't donate as much as he would have liked so he took this opportunity to add to the team's contribution. 

“My mother’s house caught on fire on Christmas Eve when I was younger,” he said. “So I know how long it can take to rebuild and recover from something like that.”

Shake says it’s one of the nicest things he’s seen in some time. “James did not do this for attention. When your team stands up for you [like this], that’s not just a place to work. It is family.”

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