Organizing one single shipment involves a lot of moving pieces: getting a carrier to the pickup point, ensuring they are loaded on schedule, getting them over the road, checking in at the receiver and getting unloaded on schedule. Now, that process assumes only a truckload shipment, without any complications like crossing a border or switching between rail, sea or air.

As your company grows, you may need more modes of transport for a higher volume of shipments. All of this means more moving pieces on top of needing to run the business. Shipping gets complex fast, which is why having great support in your corner is not just important, it’s vital.

Logistics functions on flexibility as shipments are influenced by major issues—like a global pandemic—and minor issues—like weather or traffic. As a result, shippers depend on quality support from brokers to ensure deliveries are made on time. When issues are not a matter of if, but when, comprehensive service is vital. Shippers and carriers need a dedicated representative who knows their logistics operation as well as they do. At TQL, we have the experience to provide expert recommendations and solutions that make shipping simple and effective. That’s why we developed our support structure to provide you one person dedicated to your business to minimize issues and ensure any that occur throughout the shipping process are addressed quickly and successfully.

At TQL, our business revolves around our Single Point of Contact Model. This model strips away the layers of company contacts and departments to only one—your Logistics Account Executive (LAE). Your LAE understands your unique shipping needs and functions as an offsite extension of your company’s logistics operations. Your dedicated representative is an expert on your transportation needs and has the support of teams that provide:

•             24/7/365 business support

•             Live tracking of shipments from pick-up to delivery

•             Access to all modes of transport, including rail, air and ocean

•             Access to IT, Accounting, Carrier Services, and Operations support

•             Scalable structure to quickly meet your company’s needs

As your business expands, we expand with you.

At TQL, we set the bar high for customer service. Having moved over 3 million loads across multiple sectors last year alone, we understand that success lies in the precise execution of details. We ensure every detail of your logistics operation is both captured and implemented by streamlining information, updates and changes through a single point of contact who sends them to the relevant team.

The true value of exceptional customer service is the peace of mind knowing your freight is in the best hands. Trust the capabilities that 25+ years in the freight brokerage industry brings to your operations. Depend on TQL's unique model of customer service to exceed your expectations.

Request a freight quote or call 800-580-3101 and speak to a Logistics Account Executive today.


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