TQL's Unique Model Can Deliver on the Highest Level of Service in the Industry

Competitive pricing is only part of the equation when it comes to freight. Probably the most important aspect really comes down to support. 

Shippers need to know every link in their supply chain is reinforced with reliable support that is responsive to their needs yet has the resources to withstand any change. Simply using price alone as a litmus test for supply chain dependability is misleading. 

At TQL, our foundation revolves around a unique service model. One that gives shippers a competitive advantage with increased efficiencies by stripping away the layers of company contacts and departments to only one - your Logistics Account Executive (LAE). This one-of-a-kind approach to customer service creates several benefits to any freight shipper: 

  • One point of contact rather than siloed departments. 
  • A dedicated representative that works as an off-site extension of you that understands your unique shipping needs. 
  • Round the clock support, 24/7/365. 
  • Your "go-to" liaison to expedite any operational request. 
  • Free freight tracking technology from pick-up until delivery. 
  • Communication frequency and means determined by your preferences. 

The customer service bar at TQL is set exceptionally high for a reason. With roots in the produce industry, we understand that success lies in the precise execution of details. Streamlining your outsourced logistics through a single contact ensures every detail is both captured and implemented. Information, updates, changes are communicated through a single point of contact and disseminated to the relevant team whether it's Carrier Services, Accounting, IT or Operations. 

The true value of exceptional customer service is the peace of mind knowing your freight is in the best, most capable hands. Trust the capabilities that 20+ years in the freight brokerage industry brings to your operations. Depend on TQL's unique model of customer service to exceed your expectations. 

Request a freight quote or call 800-580-3101 and speak to a Logistics Account Executive today. 

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