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TQL understands the challenges of moving oversize/overweight freight.

Our dedicated team of experts has the capacity to manage large-scale projects and direct all aspects of transportation on your behalf including equipment and carrier selection, rigging, route planning, permits, escorts, insurance, and vendor payment aggregation. All while providing the world-class customer service we have been known for since 1997.



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Total Quality Logistics (TQL) understands the complexities of over-dimensional shipping and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient process. From handling hazardous materials to managing super loads, TQL's A-Z OSOW (Over-Size/Over-Weight) Solutions are designed to simplify logistics challenges. Let's explore the range of capabilities and benefits TQL provides in the realm of over-dimensional shipping.

A-Z OSOW Solutions: Overcoming Size and Weight Restrictions:
TQL's Comprehensive OSOW Solutions cater to shipments that exceed standard length, height, weight, or width limits. With their expertise and experience in navigating complex transportation regulations, TQL ensures your over-dimensional cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently. From route planning to arranging permits, TQL's A-Z OSOW Solutions cover every aspect to meet your unique transportation requirements.

Handling Hazardous Materials:
Shipping hazardous materials requires specialized knowledge and compliance with strict safety protocols. TQL offers expertise in handling hazmat shipments, ensuring regulatory compliance and the safe transportation of dangerous goods. With TQL, you can trust that your hazardous materials will be handled with the utmost care and in accordance with industry regulations.

Super Loads: Overcoming Regulatory Challenges:
Super loads are shipments that exceed the limits set by standard permits, requiring additional review by state authorities. TQL has the experience and resources to manage super loads effectively. Our team works closely with state agencies to facilitate the review process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. TQL's expertise in handling super loads saves you time and reduces potential delays.

Extensive Carrier Network:
TQL's extensive carrier network plays a crucial role in our ability to offer efficient over-dimensional shipping solutions. With access to a diverse pool of carriers experienced in handling oversized imports and exports, TQL can match your specific requirements with the right carrier, ensuring the smooth execution of your logistics operations.

Project Logistics: Drop and Pick Capabilities: 
TQL understands that project logistics require careful coordination and attention to detail. We offer drop and pick capabilities, providing the flexibility you need for complex projects. From route planning to arranging escorts and permits, TQL's dedicated team ensures your project logistics are executed seamlessly, saving you time and resources.

TQL's A-Z OSOW Solutions provide a comprehensive range of services to simplify and optimize over-dimensional shipping operations. Whether you're dealing with oversized imports/exports, hazardous materials, or super loads, TQL's expertise, extensive carrier network, and project logistics capabilities ensure the efficient transportation of your cargo. Connect with TQL's experts in oversize/overweight shipping to benefit from their knowledge, resources, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.


Services Offered

  • Spot freight
  • Overlength
  • Overwidth
  • Overheight
  • Overweight
  • Drop & pick capabilities (drop trailer)
  • Bonded
  • High-value
  • Hazmat
  • Super loads

What sets us apart

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Elevated Offerings

Ability to plan detailed large-scale transportation projects.

Workers and a Globe Icon
Extensive Network

A network of carefully evaluated carriers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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Hands-on Coordination

Securing all necessary permits, escorts, signage and route calculations so your course stays clear.

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Tailored Solutions

Advising on the best specialized equipment and carriers to get the job done right, including flatbeds, stepdecks, RGNs, double drops, power only, hotshots and extendable trailers.

Customer Service Rep with Headset

Live customer service, support and proactive shipment tracking.

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Quality Assurance

A dedicated team of quality experts to assist with claims, distressed loads and any other uncommon scenarios.

Our Commitment to do it Right Every Time

Exceeding customer expectations is what we do 24/7/365. Our carefully maintained relationships with many of the most reliable carriers in the country and our thorough carrier evaluation gives us the speed and flexibility needed to move commodities quickly and cost effectively.

TQL's Carrier Process


Reach out to your dedicated Logistics Account Executive or contact the Oversize/Overweight Team directly at 800.580.3101 x57714 or

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