TQL Announces ELD Discount Program In Honor Of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

TQL is committed to simplifying the many challenges drivers face every day.  In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week September 10-16, TQL is announcing a new program with KeepTruckin designed to help carriers comply with the new ELD mandate efficiently and affordably. 
Under the new program, TQL-contracted carriers are eligible to receive a 20% discount off the monthly KeepTruckin ELD subscription with zero upfront hardware costs. This brings the cost to just $16 per month. Eligible carriers will receive an email from TQL containing a link to access the discount. 
Why do we appreciate our carriers so much?
It’s hard to imagine an economy without the nation’s trucking industry.  More than 70 percent of all the freight moved in the U.S. goes on a truck. That amounts to about 10.5 billion tons of freight. Without the nation’s trucks – and the men and women behind them – our nation and its economy would come to a standstill.
That is why, in addition to the discount offer with KeepTruckin, we thought we would share some of the other reasons why we appreciate our quality carriers, in the words of our own employees.
Our carriers are dependable.
“They are always willing to help me no matter what the task.” 
   – Joe B. (TQL Customer Account Specialist - Sales )
Our carriers are punctual.
“The carriers I work with are always on time with a smile on their faces.”
   – Fallon K. (TQL Logistics Coordinator)
Our carriers are great communicators.
“I appreciate the dedication and communication our drivers have offered.”
   – Stephanie G. (TQL Customer Account Specialist, Sales)
Our carriers are upfront.
“I really appreciate that they were forthright and open about the situation and worked with us every step of the way.”
   – Rebecca S. (TQL Customer Account Specialist, Sales)
Our carriers are reliable.
“Great carriers are how we’re able to deliver the service we do to our customers.”
   – Carmella M. (TQL Logistics Coordinator)
In honor of America’s truck drivers and TQL’s network of more than 60,000 qualified carriers, we thank you. 
If you would like to take advantage of ELD discount but are not currently a TQL carrier, please get set up here.

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