Irma Takes A Hit On Florida's Produce, TQL Provides Support

Hurricane Irma left a path of destruction in the state of Florida over the weekend, leaving more than 6 million homes and businesses without power and causing billions of dollars of damage. Downed trees and powerlines, extensive flooding, and scattered debris will undoubtedly hinder recovery efforts. In addition to being the third most populous state in the U.S., Florida also grows more than 70% of the country’s citrus produce. With over a half million acres of groves and more than 74 million citrus trees throughout the state, Hurricane Irma’s full impact is still unknown.

Unfortunately, over the last five years Florida orange crop productions have declined by 50% due to an insect-born disease called citrus greening, leaving the fruit too bitter for consumption. The combined effects of Hurricane Irma to the already crippled citrus industry are potentially staggering to the $9 billion yearly impact it has on the Florida economy.

TQL Provides Support 24/7/365

Determining the full extent of damage caused throughout the state will be a slow process, hampered by blocked roadways, flooding and recovery efforts. Fortunately, TQL’s infrastructure is built to always be prepared for the unexpected.  Seven TQL offices throughout the state of Florida were evacuated to ensure the safety of our employees. TQL’s systems are designed to provide immediate backup support whenever an office experiences an emergency or is otherwise impacted by a natural disaster.  Employees who evacuated to other cities are working from remote locations, including other TQL offices.  Others are being supported by teams in some of the other 52 offices TQL operates. Disrupted shipments are being staged safely and planned shipments are being rerouted as needed.

In the coming days and weeks, the relief effort will be critical. TQL employees across the country are donating supplies and making cash donations to the American Red Cross, which are matched 50% by the company. 

If you are a carrier or supply chain provider and you have services you’d like to offer, please contact the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN). They are organizing donors and volunteers, matching them to organizations that need help.

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