Hurricane Can't Hamper TQL's Service

Total Quality Logistics didn’t bat an eye when the eye of the strongest hurricane in more than a decade prepared to slam into the American Southeast.

Instead, teams from Erlanger (KY) and headquarters in Cincinnati stepped in to make sure customers and carriers experienced no interruption of service when Hurricane Matthew’s 130 m.p.h. winds threatened half a dozen TQL offices in Florida and South Carolina.

Locations in Miami, Daytona, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville all were closed by state mandate Thursday and Friday.

“What I have seen is that all brokers from the affected offices have done a great job of being logged on somewhere and communicating very well with us,” said team Erlanger. “It’s great dedication. It is no doubt an all-hands-on-deck effort and I think it is running really smoothly at this point.”

A General Sales Manager at headquarters agreed.

“We reached out to each other and identified any critical loads that need extra attention. We’ve been communicating with the carriers on their loads, covering their loads and sending their brokers updates accordingly.

“It’s been running very smoothly so far. We just want this storm to pass quickly and for our friends and co-workers to be safe, weather the storm and get back up and running again. But we will do whatever it takes for them in the meantime.”

Further north, members of Team Charleston (SC) had been heading inland all week. Starting Tuesday, some began working from Columbia, Greenville and Atlanta. By Friday, the Cincy North office took over while the remaining team members got to safety.

Evacuations are not a new experience for Team Charleston - located on Daniel Island – but having this kind of help is. In August of 2011 winds from Hurricane Irene forced the closure of the Cooper River Bridge, the main way on and off the island.

At the time, there were only seven satellite offices in the company, none of them close enough to offer alternate work locations. Luckily the storm never hit the city and employees actually enjoyed a hurricane party before the bridge reopened allowing them back to the office the next day.

When we say we’re a 24/7/365 company, we mean it, even in the face of a natural disaster. Have a load you need to move or want to become a TQL carrier? We’re here to help. All the time.

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