5 Tips to Help Keep Holiday Cargo Thieves Away

November and December might be the season of giving, but for cargo thieves it’s the season for taking.

CargoNet is forecasting a rise in cargo theft this Thanksgiving holiday. With consumer confidence at an 18-year high, people are planning to spend more compared to past holiday seasons. All this spending means more cargo on the roads. According to data collected by CargoNet, the most vulnerable time for cargo to be stolen is between the day before and the day after Thanksgiving, when truck drivers are enjoying the holiday themselves.

Ironically, the third quarter saw a decrease in theft. States typically experiencing higher cargo thefts, like California, Florida and New Jersey, experienced less. California’s numbers dropped 13% year over year and Florida went from the number two spot to the sixth-highest state. Most surprising, New Jersey saw a 73% decrease in reported cargo theft.

While the number of thefts trended down last quarter, the value of the goods stolen went up. According to Commercial Carrier Journal, September, two separate thefts involving computer cargo resulted in a loss of $1 million each. Both events put Electronics at the top of the list, accounting for 20% of the total stolen, followed by Home and Garden at 15% and Food and Beverage at 13%.

So how do you or those who haul for you keep your cargo safe during the holiday months?

  1. Avoid unsecured parking locations.
  2. Keep cargo in well-lit areas monitored by security cameras and/or guards.
  3. Don’t share load information on social media or over the radio.
  4. Overlap safety measures using multiple tactics such as security locks, GPS trackers, surveillance cameras and commercial vehicle alarms.
  5. Be proactive with communication with the dispatcher and freight broker.

While the jury is still out for the fourth quarter, your actions can make a difference when it comes to preventing cargo theft.   

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