Guard against cargo thieves this Memorial Day

Incidents of cargo theft on holidays are on the rise and Memorial Day weekend is no exception. According to CargoNet, there were 125 reported cargo theft incidents over Memorial Day weekend last year, with a total loss value of $16.9M.

What’s behind this trend? Additional crowds and traffic, lack of supervision at rest stops and warehouses because of employee vacations and increased duties for law enforcement all create opportunities for cargo thieves.

Take these proactive steps below to minimize your risk this year:

Cargo theft prevention tips for shippers:

  1. Cargo at rest is cargo at risk. Avoid after-hours and weekend deliveries unless you have an established receiving procedure in place.
  2. Team up with a reputable 3PL partner. Be clear about your security concerns and ask about their track record and capabilities.
  3. Use GPS tracking on all cargo so you always know your freight’s location.

Cargo theft prevention tips for carriers:

  1. Communicate with you dispatcher and let them know when you must leave your truck.
  2. Never share the details of your loads with others. Thieves often pose as other carriers to gather information on cargo.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings when loading and arriving at your destination. Note other vehicles in the area or any that are tailing you. Cargo theft most often occurs near pick-up and delivery points. 

Cargo theft prevention is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Learn more about TQL and the steps taken by our dedicated team of cargo risk experts to keep your freight safe.

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