Trends and Tips to Prevent Holiday Weekend Cargo Theft

Memorial Day weekend might be the unofficial kickoff to summer, but it’s also synonymous with cargo theft.

For the past 6 years, Memorial Day weekend has seen an increase in theft incidents, according to CargoNet. Contributing to the problem is an increase in traffic which serves to conceal criminal activity. 

Shippers and carriers can take steps to help prevent cargo theft, despite these circumstances. Consider these tips from CargoNet's Memorial Day Cargo Theft Trends 2019:


  1. Remember that the highest days of risk begin on the Thursday before and continue through the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Peak days are Friday and Saturday.
  2. Be aware that the trend for top targeted commodities are food and beverage, apparel and accessories and electronics. 
  3. California, Florida and Texas tend to rank the highest for theft and the most targeted location types are warehouses and parking lots. 
  4. While in transit, use ISO 17712 compliant barrier seals with hardened padlocks, plus king pin locks if the trailer is unattached.
  5. Never leave loaded trailers without ensuring proper security measures are in place such as parking lot attendants and cameras.


  1. Inspect the entire warehouse/distribution center, including lighting, generators, alarm systems, cameras plus any perimeter fencing.
  2. Ensure all keys to facility equipment is in a secure location.
  3. Remember to treat all alarms as the real thing.
  4. Document and report all suspicious activity.
  5. Request routine police surveillance. 

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