Four Ways to Overcome Challenges in Today's Logistics Industry

We know that you need easy-to-implement technology solutions to streamline day-to-day tasks and overcome challenging issues. Let us show you four ways TQL TRAX, our customer-focused web portal and mobile app,* can alleviate some of the pain points you may face.

  1. Full transparency with 24/7 tracking. By using TQL TRAX, you can view the most recent location of any TQL shipment online, 24/7/365 for all modes. You’ll also be able to see recent time status update of location and how many miles until delivery. 
  2. Use data to drive business decisions. Not only can you organize by mode, location or date, but you can build, save and export custom reports and arrange your reporting page to suit your unique data-driven needs and decisions; giving you a whole new perspective of your freight.
  3. Access to load documents. Load documents, like BOLs, are essential to your shipments, so they're available online 24/7/365. Simply select the load from your Load Board and click "View Documents."
  4. All the info your accounting team needs when they need it. Track open and past invoices, pay lump sum or individual invoices and export all your accounts payable info for your records. We have integrated with JP Morgan Chase, so you'll have the most secure, intuitive and streamlined experience for every payment. 

Overcome your logistics obstacles with TQL TRAX. *some features not available in mobile app
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