Top 4 Tips To Keep Freight Safe Memorial Day Weekend

Stick figure stealing box from open truck
The unofficial start of summer also brings an increase in stolen freight.
As people fire up grills, open swimming pools and fly the flag for fallen heroes, opportunistic thieves take advantage of cargo that may be sitting idle for several days, knowing the value of that cargo is higher during a holiday.
CargoNet research indicates Saturday will be the busiest day for thieves breaking into unattended trucks this Memorial Day weekend, with an average loss valued at more than $201,000 – up nearly $40,000 from just six months ago.
The best way to avoid cargo theft? Don’t leave freight in your trailer. Or, if you must, don’t leave the trailer unattended. Warehouses, truck stops and carrier lots are the top three areas criminals target.
Here are some simple tips to ensure your load’s safety:

1. Park loaded trailers in secure lots that have barriers to entry, surveillance, monitoring and are well lit. 

2. Securely lock both tractors and trailers and request the driver report as soon as they drop and return to pick up. 

3. Ask the local police department to make additional patrols around warehouses or secured lots 

4. Make sure all lights, back-up generators, alarm systems, and surveillance equipment are in good working order prior to leaving for the weekend. 

Food and beverage items are the top-targeted items to steal, followed by household goods and electronics.
However, a little common sense and planning will let you and your shipments rest easy.
Enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day. TQL is here for you 24/7/365, nights, weekends, and holidays. Talk to us to meet all your shipping needs, even over a long weekend.
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