TQL Carrier Dashboard App: It's Rated #1

This month we received some great technology news about our carrier app that will give shippers even more confidence when shipping freight with TQL and more convenience for the carriers that haul for us.

TQL Carrier Dashboard, a secure mobile app and web portal designed for carriers and dispatchers to more easily manage freight, is the #1 downloaded carrier app among brokers, according to the June UBS report, all while TQL Carrier Dashboard remains the #1 rated carrier app on the Apple app store.

For shippers, this is great news because data from TQL Carrier Dashboard feeds into our customer portal, TQL TRAX, providing access to information and visibility on every shipment.

In the UBS report TQL Carrier Dashboard topped all shares of downloads among brokers with apps at 34%, out of a total of eight listed. On the Apple app store TQL Carrier Dashboard received a 4.9 rating out of a possible 5.0 from more than 2,700 user ratings. The UBS report also showed TQL Carrier Dashboard has the second-highest share of downloads between brokers and load boards.

This is also great news for carriers because within TQL Carrier Dashboard, auto-dispatching provides instant access to all load information, expediting the dispatch process. Other TQL Carrier Dashboard benefits include a simplified search for loads, better visibility to load specifics, and the ability to accept load tracking with one click.

Having the #1 downloaded carrier app among brokers and the #1 rated carrier app on the Apple app store is a testament to TQL’s consistent investment in technology and how that investment is adding value to customers and carriers alike.

To learn more about TQL TRAX, click here.
To learn more about TQL Carrier Dashboard, click here.

To all of our customers and carriers, thank you for your trust in us.

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