It's Time To Get Roadcheck Ready

Between June 6-8, nearly 17 vehicles per minute will be stopped as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 30th annual International Roadcheck. Each inspection takes between 30-45 minutes and follows the 37 steps laid out in the North American Level-1 Standard.

This year, special emphasis will be placed on cargo securement safety. That means inspectors will be paying close attention to things like tie-downs, unsecured truck equipment and anything that can lead to the loss of a load.

For both carriers and shippers, a little planning ahead can help avoid costly fines and delays.

For carriers, it’s a good time to straighten up your cab. Make sure you have your driver’s license, hours-of-service and shipping documentation, motor carrier registration, and other necessary paperwork on hand.

Shippers need to make sure the documentation they provide carriers is accurate and up to date. When the truck is loading make sure the load is balanced and the weight is accurate.

According to CVSA, 21.5% of the vehicles that were stopped for inspection in 2016 were placed out of service. One of your best safeguards against an out of service level violation is to work with a freight logistics firm that has your back 24/7/365. TQL works closely with carriers to ensure compliance and identify any documentation issues ahead of time. Once the load is on the road, we can let shippers know if their shipment is being inspected so they can adjust receiving times.

If you’re looking for freight brokerage firm that won’t let anything stop your freight from getting where it need to go, contact us today. Interested in hauling for TQL? Click here to get set up.

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