'Surprise' Inspections Set For Roadcheck In 2016

Man inspecting truck tire

Heads up. If you’re not careful, you could get shut down.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck 2016 is set for June 7 to 9. About 10,000 CVSA inspectors will work 72 straight hours at 1,500 roadside locations, conducting Level I North American Standard Inspections.

Inspectors will check an average of 17 vehicles per minute across the continent during Roadcheck 2016.

This year’s inspections will have a special emphasis on tire safety, including tread depth, pressure, items between dual tires and overall tire condition.

Level I inspections are a 37-step procedure checking items related to vehicle, driver and cargo. In addition to tires, inspectors also look at brakes, coupling devices, fuel and exhaust systems, frame, van and open-top trailers, lighting, steering, suspension and security of cargo.

One in four vehicles - and one in 20 drivers - gets put out of service during a typical International Roadcheck; 2016 marks the 29th year for the program

Getting taken out of service for violations costs the average driver $861, not including the cost of fines or repairs resulting from inspections.

“The costs of being put out of service are insignificant when compared to the costs of crashes with innocent people,” according to CVSA documents. “Be proactive and inspect your vehicle thoroughly before you take your next trip.”

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