Produce With Summer Produce

Pile of watermelons

Total Quality Logistics has deep roots – pardon the pun – in the produce business.

The company moves more than 3,500 different products, but we are especially proud of our ongoing success and strength in the produce market.

Rates have been steady for the most part, with some expected seasonal increases in growing regions. Capacity has been consistent, too, albeit loose.

Here’s a heads up on a three summertime favorites:

  • Watermelon: a later-than-expected season in Florida left demand exceeding supply.
  • Avocado: consumer market has led to an increased demand.
  • Cantaloupe: volume in the Midwest is up a little bit.

Long term, produce consumption continues to grow in the United States. Industry forecasts show a nine percent increase in fruit consumption - and an eight percent rise in vegetable consumption – on the horizon over the next five years.

As always, TQL will be on top of the game, making sure customers get the goods they want, when they want it.

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