3 Tips to Avoid a Service Failure

What does a service failure really cost your business?

You’re only as good as the links in your supply chain – one service failure in your network can create a snowball effect, leaving both you and your customer with a costly dilemma impacting your bottom-line. We understand this reality, because for many customers we are there to pick up the pieces. Over 245,000 loads were tendered and loaded within a 12 to 24-hour window last year alone. Many of those occur after a customer had experienced an issue with another service provider.

Fallouts and service failures lead to late fees and lost accounts, not to mention the unnecessary stress and additional work created for your employees. Shippers can be proactive when it comes to reducing the likelihood of an issue occurring by following these simple tips.

  1. Communication and lead time: Clear and frequent communication is important on both sides. Letting your TQL representative know about potential issues or delays (such as production issues) can help them identify the best option for your loads. Also, providing as much lead time on a load as possible can potentially reduce your rate and the chance for any issues to occur.
  2. Working with a proven provider: There may be unique details about your loads or locations that require additional attention. Select a provider that can give you access to not only a large carrier base but one with a proven service record and live, 24/7 in-house support. TQL’s unique one point of contact model ensures your rep is truly invested in the success of your business. Working with a representative who understands your freight and your business can help prevent any problems before they happen. They have a stake in producing results because they view your business as their own.
  3. Don’t fall victim to rates that are “too good to be true”: Given the current tight market conditions and the new ELD mandate, rates can change quickly and dramatically. Working with a provider that has nationwide market knowledge plus access to market condition data, is important to protect yourself and your company. Whether it’s a new provider looking to get in the door with you or a quote that seems like a great deal, take a moment to consider the below:
    1. Is this an all-in rate or will there be additional fees added later once you receive the invoice?
    2. Is this just a rate or is there actual capacity to support that number?
    3. If there is an issue with this load, what will that cost you and the company?

Minimize your risk of a service failure, especially when the market is tight, and avoid costly surprises. Contact TQL at 1-800-580-3101 or click here to request a quote.

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