5 Ways a Freight Broker Can Help Your Business

If you are in the business of shipping freight, then you value customer satisfaction, on-time deliveries and truck availability. Anything that threatens results can wreak havoc on your bottom-line. 

The freight industry can be unpredictable and volatile, impacting the results you are looking for, adding stress, uncertainty and unexpected costs to moving your freight. Fortunately, you can take steps to minimize this impact, no matter what the market. 

The vast resources and capabilities of a nationally recognized Third-Party Logistics provider, or 3PL, like TQL can be that value-added extension your company needs. Freight brokers are the specialists within a 3PL that work to connect you with the trucks you need, with the quality and value you want. By establishing a relationship with a freight broker, you can leverage their capabilities to your company's benefit. 

This value-added extension of your company provides a network of support to offset market conditions that might otherwise impact your business. This means: 

  • Increased access to nationwide truck capacity. 
  • Live, in-house after-hours support, 24/7/365. 
  • Freight transparency with TQL TRAX technology. 
  • One point of contact. 
  • Flexibility to respond quickly to a change in your customer's needs. 

Not quite sure if the services of a freight broker are right for you and your business? The following list of questions will help determine where a freight broker can provide the most value. Providing peace of mind that no matter what the market conditions, your freight will keep moving. 

Value-Added Benefit Assessment

  • Have you experienced a service failure (i.e. fallout, late delivery) from your current provider in the last 6 months? 
  • Does the seasonal produce market affect your ability to find a truck? 
  • Do you use high demand lanes? 
  • Do you prefer one point of contact when working with a vendor?
  • Has the ELD mandate changed how you manage your freight? 
  • Are you unhappy with the level of support you receive from your after-hours provider? 
  • Would you benefit from a contingency plan in the event of a service failure? 

Answering 'yes' reveals an opportunity where the services of a freight broker can benefit you and your company. To learn how, Request a Freight Quote on your next load or call TQL at 1-800-580-3101. Our team is available to assist you 24/7/365.​

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