Solar Eclipse Forces Carriers & Drivers To Adjust Travel Plans

There aren’t many events that can create both an influx of traffic and the potential for distracted drivers. Yet, on August 21st, that is what is expected to happen when the country experiences something not seen in 100 years - a total solar eclipse.

To minimize the potential hazard two and a half minutes of complete darkness may bring to the nation’s highways, several states have put restrictions into effect for carriers prohibiting the transport of certain loads during the days surrounding this natural phenomenon.  Most of the restrictions apply to wide loads or superloads traveling through Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming, Missouri and Oregon.

An increase in all traffic along the path of the eclipse is predicted as millions of Americans travel to places that guarantee the best view. The U.S. Department of Transportation has created the following eight safety tips for all drivers on this historic day:

  1. Don’t stop along the interstate or park on the shoulder to view the eclipse.
  2. Plan to exit the interstate to stay safe while watching the eclipse.
  3. Don’t take pictures while driving.
  4. Don’t wear your eclipse glasses while driving.  Wait until you are in a safe location.
  5. Manually turn on your headlights during the eclipse rather than relying on them to turn on automatically.
  6. No matter where you are on the road, beware of pedestrians.
  7. Keep in mind that traffic is expected to substantially increase on all roads during the days surrounding the eclipse.  Plan accordingly.
  8. If possible, re-route your travel to avoid the direct path of the eclipse.

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