TQL To Provide New Uniforms For Area Girls Sports Teams

Cincinnati, OH – November 19, 2010 – Total Quality Logistics (TQL), the nation's 4th largest freight brokerage firm, is proud to announce its involvement with the Women’s Crosstown Shootout this year.

In addition to donating funds to enable the distribution of tickets to girls’ athletic organizations in the area, and producing 1,000 posters that will be used in an autograph session at the event, TQL will also sponsor a uniform raffle for local girls’ sports teams.

At the UC-XU Women’s Basketball Game on Sunday, December 5th (2:00 pm start), TQL will award five - $1,000 vouchers (3 of which will be awarded via random raffle) for a set of 15 school or club team custom uniforms. Each voucher should cover the cost of 15 custom designed uniforms for a girls’ sports team (basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer or field hockey).

“When we come here on December 5th we want to see that every single one of the seats is filled with someone who is loud, making a lot of noise and having a good time. I have two daughters myself who are athletes and are interested in basketball, so I like the fact that they can be a part of this event. It gives my daughters something to try to work towards and dream about. The girls really appreciate it.” Says TQL’s Vice President of Human Resources Eric Grothaus at a UC Press Conference on Thursday.

Grothaus goes on to say, “We have a lot of people that have been successful in our organization and who have a background in athletics. We have learned about competitiveness. We have learned about setting goals. We have learned about achieving goals and following through on the things that are your dreams and to do whatever you can to work hard and make it happen. We want to encourage other girls and young women to aspire to that same thing; to learn about team work and to learn about competitiveness. To learn about the things that we believe will help them to be successful in life.”

For more than 13 years, Total Quality Logistics has specialized in arranging the transportation of full truckload shipments for thousands of companies across the country. TQL's more than 1,000 logistics professionals facilitate the movement of over 400,000 truckload shipments each year. In addition to the Cincinnati-based headquarters, TQL has satellite offices in Chicago, Tampa, Charlotte, and Charleston with offices in Denver and Columbus scheduled to open in January, 2011.


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