TQL Joins EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership

Cincinnati, OH – Total Quality Logistics (TQL), the nation's 6th largest freight brokerage firm, has joined the EPA's SmartWaysm Transport Partnership, a voluntary private-public initiative that aims to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the United States' freight transportation sector.

While the nearly 7 million freight trucks on the road in the U.S. provide a cost-effective and convenient means for transporting much of the nation’s cargo, they also consume 35 billion gallons of diesel fuel annually (in conjunction with rail locomotives). Burning this fuel produces greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions, plus other harmful air pollutants that impact public health and air quality as well as contribute to climate change.

The goal of the SmartWay Transport Partnership is to significantly reduce these emissions over the next two years by encouraging carriers and shippers to implement new strategies and technologies that improve fuel economy and efficiency.

"As a non-asset based freight intermediary, we cannot integrate some of the traditional 'greening' strategies for production facilities or truck equipment," said Kerry Byrne, TQL's Executive Vice President. "We can, however, commit to utilizing more carriers who incorporate such strategies, namely SmartWay qualified companies, in the future."

In 2009, TQL arranged more than 3,400 truckload shipments that traveled more than 2.1 million miles with SmartWay qualified carriers. The company plans to increase these figures in 2010 by educating its carrier network about the SmartWay Transport Partnership and encouraging them to make choices that reduce their fuel consumption, save money and make a positive impact on the environment.



Total Quality Logistics is the nation's 6th largest freight brokerage firm. For the past 12 years, TQL has arranged the full truckload transportation for thousands of clients nationwide and has built a reputation for its integrity, reliability and unmatched customer service standards. TQL strives to be the most trusted and reliable freight brokerage in the logistics industry and has been consistently recognized for this commitment as well as its outstanding business practices and performance. To learn more about Total Quality Logistics and its superior freight brokerage service, visit www.TQL.com.

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