TQL donates to St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

We support our carriers and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. 

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which is Sept. 11-17, is a recognition and celebration of the more than 3.6 million professional U.S. truck drivers. Every year, drivers are tasked with moving over 10 billion tons of freight safe, sound and on-time.  

To show our gratitude for all they do, including the over 2 million loads they’ve moved for TQL so far in 2022, we are donating $30,000 to the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.

TQL has tripled its donation since 2021, aiding a philanthropy that offers wide-ranging resources for truck drivers. The St. Christopher Fund was created in 2007 to assist drivers and their families when an injury or illness prevented the driver from working.

The St. Christopher Fund assists drivers with diverse services and programs. It provides information on health and wellness – nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress and weight management, diabetes prevention and more – as well as resources for financial services, negotiating medical bills, insurance and trucking jobs.

More than 110 drivers have quit smoking with St. Christopher’s “Rigs without Cigs” program. Another 100 have trimmed their smoking habits by at least half. Since partnering with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association for free vaccine vouchers (flu, shingles and pneumonia), 965 vaccines have been given to professional drivers.

St. Christopher helps ill or injured drivers by paying bills directly to the sources and helps drivers navigate medical issues. 

The St. Christopher Fund receives more than 400 applications each year and has spent more than $4 million on behalf of 3,400 drivers. TQL proudly supports its mission to save lives and families, one driver at a time.

Visit truckersfund.org to learn more or donate. Read more about the St. Christopher Fund’s impact on the lives of truck drivers:

Thomas’ story:

“If it wasn’t for the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, I would have been in a very bad way. COVID and the aftermath of health problems it created for me took its toll. Thanks to the Fund, I am healing well and getting back on the road soon. I’ve always put something in the donation can over the years and will continue to  do so in the years to come. They were there in my time of need and I’m forever grateful.”

Nathen’s story:

The people at the St. Christopher organization are truly angels sent from heaven. I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident on July 1. I broke my hip and fractured my lower lumbar and had to be airlifted. After surgery, I was sent home shortly afterward and the depression set in. I was told about the St. Christopher Foundation and applied for help immediately, and they came through with quickness! Really relieved that I’m not going to be homeless and will be able to get back to work and not be drowning in mortgage debt. Thank you guys for helping me and my wife! God bless you all!”

Anna’s story:

My husband had surgery on his right elbow Feb. 15. Due to his painful recovery, he expected to be out of work for a month. Thankfully, St. Christopher’s Trucking Fund was able to assist us in the application process and we were approved! Now our mortgage and other utilities are paid and the worries are gone. Thank you Jesus for sending this wonderful organization our way and thank you SCTF for all you do to help trucking families in need. God bless you all!

Steve’s story:

“I am suffering from a back injury from trucking for over 45 years and 5 million miles. I have no insurance and cannot drive and am supporting my family. I have to wait for Medicare to kick in on my 65th birthday in September in order to get the treatment needed. St. Christopher Fund is a great organization that helps out drivers like myself that cannot work (in addition to) my family. I know they can only help short-term providing some relief, keeping the roof over our heads for a couple months. They cannot do this without your donation so please donate when you can.”

Giving back is part of who we are. Interested in being part of a team that likes to help? Consider a career at TQL.

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