25 Years of Stories: Bobby W.

To celebrate TQL's 25th anniversary, we're featuring our people's favorite milestones and memories.  

Bobby once dreamed of being a football coach. It’s why he spent a year at a high school near TQL headquarters teaching history and helping lead the football team. He left in hopes of launching his coaching career at a bigger district, an opportunity that never came, while looking into a logistics company he’d heard about. A referral led him to TQL in 2006 and now, 16 years later, Bobby is a Group Sales Manager at Chicago West. He has come a long way since his first day at Edison, where he discovered a hectic pace of making calls and requesting rates. Three months later, his first big customer called after hours with a credit situation. Bobby’s problem-solving fixed the issue and served as a lightbulb moment: He could do this job. Bobby could name plenty of memorable TQL experiences since then – winning a contest (and pizza) as a junior broker after making 1,700 calls in 10 days, relocating to Chicago in 2009, becoming a GSM in 2018, celebrating 7B in 2021 – but gratitude resonates most. Bobby appreciates those who guided him in a career he never knew he always wanted. “The people who helped me did a lot,” Bobby said. “I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to pay that back.” 

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