TQL Team Tidies Up Property

People in safety vests holding garbage bags in front of TQL building

The patch of land behind TQL headquarters adjacent to I-275 is much cleaner thanks to a group of Ivy Pointe employees.

Nearly a dozen brokers and leaders from team MVH donned the day-glo safety vests and spread out around the grounds west of the walking path nearest the highway to pick up litter, branches, weeds and other debris.

“This is our workplace,” said Austin. H. “Imagine how many people drive by and see our headquarters on a daily basis. We take pride in where we work and want to make sure it’s clean and looks nice for our fellow employees and when motorists drive by.”

Austin organized the highly motived and environmentally friendly group to meet Sept. 23 after work. They filled giant trash bags for about an hour.

Team MVH adopted this responsibility and will perform quarterly clean-up projects going forward.

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