Team Rocket takes flight with Hackathon win

We’d love to share their winning concept, but it’s top secret – for now!  

When members of Team Rocket learned the IT Hackathon theme was Artificial Intelligence, they brainstormed a concept to streamline a Total Quality Logistics process using AI.

“Ever since ChatGPT blew up, people can’t stop talking about AI. I felt very happy that we were trying to be at the forefront of that technology and not waiting two or three years down the line,” TQL software developer Chris M. said.

Although generative AI has become a hot topic of late, it’s not new to TQL technologists. TQL uses automation and AI tools every day to help streamline high volume processes so our team members can focus on service, problem-solving and relationship building. 

The Hackathon afforded developers an opportunity to create even more AI innovations. 

Eight teams featuring a combined 64 people from all TQL IT locations competed in the fall Hackathon, a contest designed to ideate, create and present prototypes to leadership to benefit company tech processes. Three teams advanced to the finals, but Team Rocket’s concept stood out to TQL judges.  

Although we’d love to share Team Rocket’s winning idea, we’re keeping it under wraps while it’s being developed. Eventually, it will be placed on IT’s production schedule.

Team Rocket members Matt M., Nikole D., Will B., James K., Chris M., Shea S., K W. and consultant Jason E. won a trophy, $100 Visa gift cards and lunch with TQL’s CEO. It was the team’s first Hackathon victory.

“It was exciting that we won, as I’m really proud of the work the team did, but it’s also a little scary because we realized all eyes were on this,” said Matt M., a software developer team lead.

Team Rocket’s winning concept can also be applied to other TQL processes. The ability to develop innovative concepts with practical use is one reason the Hackathon is so valuable, principal engineer Jason E. said.

“It’s a great opportunity for teams to do something different than the day-to-day and stretch their skills and be creative,” Jason E. said, and Matt M. agreed.

Said Matt: “TQL does a good job of giving opportunities to people to explore, to see what’s possible. Unless you try, you just don’t know.”

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