TQL Adopts Hard Work, Positivity and 18 Cats & Dogs

On September 30th at HQ, TQL Pets Club hosted SPCA Cincinnati bringing in 18 animals in hopes of finding their fur-ever homes during our 4th annual “Shed the Love” event. These animals have a special backstory — they were rescued from Hurricane Ida by SPCA Cincinnati. The team worked to safely transport the animals from a New Orleans shelter to Cincinnati, and after evaluating each animal to ensure they were healthy, five cats and 13 dogs were brought to HQ for adoption. The last few hours of work were filled with smiling employees and flashing cameras, as SPCA volunteers walked dogs around the HQ Campus. The cats remained on the first floor in the cafeteria, where employees stopped by to pet and hold them.      

"I was considering adopting a new cat and was thrilled to hear TQL was hosting a Shed the Love adoption event,” said Amelia, TQL Marketing Coordinator, “Not only were all adoption fees covered but now Pepper, the newest addition to our family, gets gifts and perks as a member of the TQL Pets Club."

After only a few hours, all 18 animals were adopted. According to SPCA, this was their first “sell out” at an adoption event in over 10 years. They were happy to see their furry friends find safe homes. TQL’s Adoption Reimbursement Program covered the costs of all adoptions made, and eighteen new members were added to the TQL Pets Club. Being a part of the club is a free and fun perk for all employees. Members receive a welcome package upon joining and special “pet swag” to keep their cats or dogs looking fresh. 

Shed the Love is one of the many events that makes TQL stand out from other companies. Our culture is built on providing best-in-class service 24/7/365. We seek highly motivated individuals who not only have a drive to succeed professionally, but who also have an interest in making an impact on the community. 

TQL is currently hiring and offering paid relocation in all 55 offices in 26 states for a variety of career opportunities. If you are someone who continuously strives for personal or professional growth and want to make your mark in the logistics industry, you can become a part of the family and apply today at https://careers.tql.com/us/en/

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