TQL Shares Best Practices for Charitable Giving Among Millennials

Giving has the power to transform. TQL witnessed this when we modified our charitable giving to what mattered most to our employees - 90 percent of whom are millennials.

Two other Cincinnati-based companies, Paycor and 84.51°, also chose a similar approach to their giving initiatives and saw significant impact. In the same spirit of giving, we shared our models of giving with each other to create “The Logistics of Corporate Giving: Six Proven Strategies to Strengthen Millennial and Gen Z Engagement” in hopes other companies might benefit from what we learned.

When TQL was founded in 1997, so too was our genuine desire to give back to the community.  This philosophy evolved into a work culture where charity became a core component and employee engagement soared. The company formalized the effort in 2006 with TQL Cares, our charitable giving program. Today, every TQL employee has the power to choose not only where they give, but how they give.

With each decade comes a new generation, each with a set of values that defines them. The newest generations to enter the workforce are no different. Millennials and Gen Zs both bring a strong sense of social responsibility. In fact, 76% of millennials consider their ability to “work with purpose” when choosing an employer. They also cite the lack of engagement as the number one reason to leave a company.  We learned, through our employees, that shifting corporate giving from company-driven to employee-driven revealed countless benefits to the community, employees and company. Why? Because giving became personal. 

The Logistics of Corporate Giving: Six Proven Strategies to Strengthen Millennial and Gen Z Engagement” is designed to be a practical resource for those in any type or size organization looking to:

  • re-energize employee engagement through purpose,
  • re-think corporate giving as a key component to their overall business strategy,
  • build on current giving programs, or
  • attract and retain those in the millennial and gen z workforce.

If you are interested in transforming your career to do work with a purpose, we encourage you to consider TQL. Click here to see our available opportunities.

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