TQL Crushes Giving Goals

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We aspire, compete and achieve. We seek and meet challenges. We move a lot and go the extra mile.  

And together, we’re unstoppable.

TQL kicked off its annual giving campaign Sept. 28 and raised 59 percent of its $325,000 goal within the first 24 hours. By the time the campaign ended Oct. 5, employees raised $420,066, a 33-percent increase from last year.

Add in the company match and TQL is investing $630,099 in charities around the country.

TQL had its highest participation rate ever, with 75 percent of employees making a donation, 10 percent over goal.

“I am blown away by how generous this team is,” said CEO Ken Oaks in an email to the company. “The investment in the new simple platform was made with the hopes of taking our giving to a higher level in our communities and the non-profits every individual is passionate about. From the comments received by our captains, we have accomplished this goal.”

The new platform offered more than a million options for reputable nonprofit organizations employees could support, giving them unprecedented access and flexibility to assist charities in their own communities.

Employees took advantage, giving to more than 1,100 different charities.

The United Way remained a featured organization, while employees also supported everything from national programs like the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association, to nonprofits like The Ability Experience, Where Angels Play and the League For Animal Welfare.

“Our goal is to empower our teams to connect with their local communities and become involved with causes they are passionate about,” said Corey D., corporate giving specialist. “It helps them develop into community leaders who influence positive change.

“This campaign gave us the opportunity to empower TQL employees by supporting the causes they are passionate about and make a lasting impact in our communities.”

Across the company, 63 teams reached their participation goal – including 11 teams at 100 percent participation - earning a free lunch from the company. Individual employees who donated got raffle tickets for a myriad of prizes, including round-trip Delta Airline tickets.

“The prizes are exciting, but the real winners are the charities,” Corey said. “This campaign shows our communities, customers and carriers how invested our people are in the places where we live and work.”

TQL always has a place for people willing to work hard and make a difference. Click here to learn how to join our team and have a positive impact on the world.

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