Why Should I Use You? Answers To Shippers 3 Most Common Questions

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We go by different names - third party logistics providers (3PLs), lead logistics providers (4PLs), subcontracted logistics providers, freight brokers – but our jobs are similar in that we all function as transportation intermediaries - middlemen - between your business and the carriers that move your shipments.

Although every Fortune 100 company now has at least one intermediary as one of its core carriers, there still are many businesses hesitant to outsource their transportation services and here's some of their reasons why. 

1. Why pay a higher rate for something I can do myself? 

Because sometimes it makes sense. David Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage says economies work best when everyone does what they’re best at. We specialize in truckload transportation and move nearly 24,000 truckloads of freight every week.

Take a careful look at your transportation department. Are current service failures costing you money? Is there other work in your company not being completed because of the time it takes to manage transportation?

Crunch the numbers. There’s often more to a rate than meets the eye.

2. How do you qualify your carriers?

We qualify carriers similarly to how you might – we do research, we compare offerings and costs, we read reviews. But as specialists in truckload transportation, we aren’t doing this for a handful of carriers. We do this day in and day out for more than 50,000 carriers.

We have a database of information like no other, filled with detailed notes, recommendations and reviews of every interaction we have ever had with a carrier and the dispatchers and drivers who work for them.

We are also partners with CargoNet and a recipient of their “Best in Cargo Security” award for working to prevent cargo theft, improve recovery rates and identify fraudulent carriers.

3. What kind of visibility will I have on my loads?

We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in training and technology since the day we opened our doors to capitalize on what we believe has been the single largest failure of the transportation industry to shippers – communication. 

Our brokers are available 24/7/365, nights, weekends, and holidays. We provide updates by phone, text and email. We have developed an online customer web portal and mobile application so you can check in on your loads anytime, read notes from check calls and contact your broker at the touch of a button.

If your company ships anything, the question of whether or not to outsource your transportation services is an important one because making the right choice can reap many rewards for your business. 

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Contact us at 800-580-3101 or email us at clientservices@tql.com to see if our services are a right fit for you. 

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