TQL's PMA Party Celebrates College Game

The College Football Hall of Fame building

With the PMA Fresh Summit kicking off, time to think about celebrating a successful start to the show. We look forward to hosting our valued customers at the College Football Hall of Fame for a night of music, food, drink and the greatest of the college gridiron.

Here are five reasons TQL loves college football.

The College Football Hall of Fame 

Not only is the Hall the venue for the most epic customer appreciation party ever, but like TQL, it has roots in Cincinnati. The original HoF opened in 1978 near Kings Island amusement park. It may or may not be a coincidence that TQL opened an Atlanta location in September 2014, a mere month after the new HoF did the same.

 Marching bands 

Cheerleaders are fine, but in a stadium jammed with 60-, 80-, 100,000 screaming fans? Nobody can hear them. But when the band cranks up the fight song, people get seriously stoked. It’s the opposite of high school, when cheerleaders were awesome and band kids were dorks.


College football has old rivalries. (Rutgers and Princeton played the first college game in 1869.) Those rivalries are serious, too. For example, since 1914 Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee have engaged in the 100 Miles of Hate game. Meantime, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have been playing the Bedlam Series since 1904. Bedlam, of course, being a synonym for insane asylum.


No crystal bowl or gold-plated cups. College football hands out some oddball rewards. Among them are the Bronze Boot (Colorado State-Wyoming), the Golden Boot (Arkansas-LSU), the Old Brass Spittoon (Indiana-Michigan State), the Iron Skillet (SMU-TCU), the Okefenokee Oar (Florida-Georgia), Floyd of Rosedale (Iowa-Minnesota) and the Platypus Trophy (Oregon-Oregon State).

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