Greenlight A Vet - James' Story

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The guys in The Hurt Locker had more job stress than the average cubicle dweller.
James A. was one of those guys. He grew up in Virginia in a military family. He followed his father into the United States Army in 2003 and served as combat engineer until 2007. He was stationed in Germany and Italy, but also did two deployments clearing the roads of Iraq and Afghanistan of live IEDs.
He came to Total Quality Logistics Tampa in 2011.
“It’s definitely a different kind of stress,” James said of diffusing bombs versus matching freight with carriers. “Your life isn’t on the line, but your livelihood is. The Army helped me transition to self-motivation. You have to have some ambition to be good at this. If you’re not motivated, if you’re not doing what you need to do, you’re going to have problems.”
The Tampa Bay Business Journal selected James as an honoree for its inaugural Heroes At Work award in 2014.
James said his military background proved a good fit for TQL.
“College and a four-year degree shows how well you can commit to something,” James said. “The fact I don’t have a degree, but I do have an experience that required a serious commitment, TQL values that and gives people a chance based on that.”
Are you a vet looking to join another elite team? Or simply interested in joining a team that supports America’s troops? Click here to see our job postings.

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