Leadership Skills From the Corps Translate Into Success

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On any given day, a marine platoon sergeant (technically a staff sergeant) can be advising the platoon commander, training subordinates, ensuring the platoon is operation ready, and mentoring subordinates who want to move up in rank. These duties increase if the platoon is in combat.

Platoon/staff sergeants are masters of mission critical multi-tasking.

After spending 10 years in the United States Marine Corps – the last five of which were as staff sergeant with a field artillery unit – Domingo Martinez wasn’t interested in “just getting a job.” He had already walked away from several opportunities when a phone call from TQL in 2014 piqued his interest.

“TQL was the first company to talk to me about using the skills I learned as a Marine,” said Domingo. “When they told me that working as a team is one of TQL’s winning principles, I knew I wanted to see what the company was all about.”

TQL respects and values its military team members and Domingo noticed that immediately. “Everyone here was welcoming from the beginning,” he said. “I get calls and emails from coworkers I don’t even know thanking me for my service when they see my email signature.”

“It’s great that TQL doesn’t shy away from hiring military personnel,” he said. “It’s no mystery when it comes to leadership that veterans are well trained, so the company knows exactly what we’re bringing to the table.”

Now a Sales Group Leader, Domingo spends time in our Austin and San Antonio offices helping new brokers sharpen their skills. “I was promoted so quickly in the Corps by making sure those I worked with knew everything I knew,” he said. “They were able to take that knowledge and move into leadership positions themselves.”

“I get to use my experience and knowledge with current Logistics Account Executive Trainees to help them look and work better than anyone else, and that, in turn reflects on me,” he said. “I want the best for myself and want to see the same thing for my team members.”

Domingo also notes that getting things from point A to point B sometimes requires quick reaction and teamwork. “I want my team to be ready to respond to any situation,” he said. “And ready to jump in and help each other out when they need to. You can’t do that if everyone isn’t on the same page.”

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