MP Skills Translate Well In the World of Logistics

A Photo Of A Woman With Her Navy Description On the Side

Ashley Capers was a rare find during her time in the Navy. As an MP for an F-18 squadron, she gained skills that others in her position did not. She learned how to deal with high-stakes situations both on and off base that required quick, but sound decisions – all skills she now leverages as part of a successful career in logistics.

Logistics wasn’t even on Ashley’s radar when she left the Navy. Since she had an MP background, she always thought her civilian life would land her a job as a police officer.   She had been offered a job as a security guard at a prison, but wasn’t sure if she would be content with the day-to-day repetition and isolation.  She took a chance and interviewed at TQL, where she was immediately attracted to the fast-paced environment and the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people.

“Because of the job I did in the Navy, I learned how to work with many different personality types and learned how to solve problems quickly,” she said. “I make good choices and my customers know it.”

Ashley is also not afraid to be a woman in a male-dominated field.

“I was an extreme minority as a female MP/Supervisor in the Navy, but I never let that bother me,” she said. “I don’t see it as an issue in this industry. I do what I need to do to be successful.”

Ashley was the first successful female broker in the Jacksonville office, and she doubled her revenue goal last year. She now works out of the Greenville, SC office and has a goal to break the million-dollar mark this year.  We have no doubt she will do it.

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