Houston, We Have A Problem

Large Group Of Employees Smiling With Basketballs In Front Of The TQL Building

Eastbound and down, The H-Town Hustlers had a long way to go, but a short time to stay in the eighth annual TQL 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Team Houston fell to Detroit in the opening round May 16 and lost again in the consolation bracket against The Strokers from Indianapolis, earning the ignominious title of first team to drop from the tourney.

(Here for the Beer (Ivy) or Ralph Lee’s Angels (Columbia) avoided a similar fate when their elimination game was postponed.)

Defending champs Back to Back to Back (Ivy) struggled early against CS/LS (Edison), but pulled away to set up what should be a good game tonight against The Bay (Tampa), who dominated Get Buckets (Erlanger) in the opening round.

Other first-round winners included The Dirty Three 30s (Akron), FCFS (Cleveland), Baseline Leaners (Dayton), Team Detroit, G-6 (Lexington), Splash Brothers (Lexington), Old Warhorses (Pittsburgh), Ball ‘Til We Fall (Ivy), Patrick Ewing All-Stars (Ivy), Phoenix Suns (Ivy), The Beeb’s (Ivy) and Hustlers (Cincy West).

Action resumes tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Nothin’ But Net Sports Complex (4343 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244).

Fans all over the company can tune into a live video stream of the action.

The schedule includes one opening-round game, eight elimination games in the consolation bracket and eight second-round contests in the winner’s bracket:

  • Opening round: The Fallouts (Chicago) vs. Prince and the Revolution (Lexington) (5:30)
  • Consolation bracket: Here For Beer (Ivy) vs. Ralph Lee’s Angels (Columbia) (5:30)
  • Consolation bracket – Da Bangers (Louisville) vs. Team Mobile (5:30)
  • Consolation bracket: Get Buckets (Erlanger) vs. CS/LS (Edison) (5:45)
  • Consolation bracket: Good Squad (Ivy) vs. Pippen Ain’t Easy (Ivy) (5:45)
  • Consolation bracket: ROC Boys (Ivy) vs. The $10 Tees (Ivy) (6:00)
  • Consolation bracket: The Sea Bass (Cincy East) vs. The Fallouts (Chicago)/Prince and the Revolution (Lexington) (6:00)
  • Second round: Murph Boys (Ivy) vs. The Dirty Three 30s (Akron) (6:15)
  • Second round: FCFS (Cleveland) vs. Baseline Leaners (Dayton) (6:15)
  • Second round: Team Detroit vs. vs. G-6 (Lexington) (6:30)
  • Second round: Splash Bros. (Lexington) vs. Old Warhorses (Pittsburgh) (6:30)
  • Second round: The Bay (Tampa) vs. Back to Back to Back (Ivy) (6:45)
  • Second round: Ball ‘Til We Fall (Ivy) vs. Patrick Ewing All-Stars (Ivy) (6:45)
  • Second round: Phoenix Suns (Ivy) vs. The Beeb’s (Ivy) (7:00)
  • Second round: Hustlers (Cincy West) vs. The Fallouts (Chicago)/Prince and the Revolution (7:00)
  • Consolation bracket: Team Atlanta vs. The Bay (Tampa)/Back to Back to Back (Ivy) (7:15)
  • Consolation bracket: Here For Beer/Ralph Lee’s Angels vs. Ball ‘Til We Fall/Patrick Ewing All-Stars (Ivy) (7:15)

Hall of Famer Ralph Lee shares his thoughts on opening night and makes a few predictions for round two right here.

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